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Why Don’t We Sell Individual Patterns Anymore?

First let me say that I love all my pumpkin fans with all my heart.  That’s what keeps this site going.  From very early in this website's history, out site has been supported by memberships as many of you generous patrons currently have.  
A couple of years ago, we tried a new approach of selling individual patterns for reduced prices since that seemed to be a complaint that many people had.  They didn’t wish to pay the relatively meager amount for a membership for access to one or two patterns.  Coincidentally however, many individual pattern shoppers ended up with more money in their carts that the membership to the whole site costs!  The programming and interaction with PayPal on these individual patterns have become a significant drain on our time, leaving little for actual pattern creation.
So as of the next revision of this site, which will be sometime after October 2018.  We will be dropping the individual pattern store.

And Now the Good News!
When the individual pattern store goes away, we will be instituting a 2 Level Membership system.  For a meager free of $9.99, about the price of couple of Venti Pumpkin Spice Lates, the Wraith level membership will get you all the patterns for the typical season from the time you sign up to the following September First.
Members at this level will be able to access all the features of the Wraith membership, including all of the how-instructions, and any other added membership benefits, with one exception:  The Reaper level patterns and bonuses!
And now  introducing the Reaper level memberships!  For membership the price of $14.95, you will get access all of the Wraith level benefits, in addition to a set of the best patterns the Pumpkin Wizard has to offer for that year, in addition to other bonus items like carving videos for both real and Funkins artificial pumpkins, and other features that will be added throughout the year.  The Reaper level membership must also be renewed year after year, but repeat customer discounts are always offered.

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